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Greetings from CEO of PLATBIO Inc., SUN JIN KIM


I have experienced thousands of Clinical Translational Research projects and novel drug developments directly or indirectly during my 19 years of tenure at MD Anderson Cancer Center of Texas State University.
The success of the novel drug development depends on how precise and effective development strategy is rather than having large facilities and many scientists.
I fully agree with the fact that we can see the problem if we do not have the experience to fix them no matter how hard we try.
I decided to establish Platbio to overcome the challenges that the Korean bio industry is facing and to contribute to the sustainable innovation and growth of the Korean bio industry leveraging my experience in the US.
PLATBIO is the leading research and development company to develop innovative novel drugs with our core competency on orthotopic model and clinical translational research.
With our strong scientific fundamentals, we are continuously identifying the novel anti-cancer targets for and performing the accurate pre-clinical trials to maximize the reproducibility in clinical trials.
PLATBIO makes partnerships with a number of Korean bio companies to help them to boost their clinical trial capabilities to the next level. With this partner model, PLATBIO will also become the only Korea company who can continuously expand the novel drug pipelines with its research and development competency.
We continuously put our utmost effort to become a world class bio company and to contribute to the Korea bio industry in order to expand its capacity in the global market. Thank you







  • Hanmi Pharmaceutical / CMO & EVP of Novel Drug Development
  • Head of Clinical Translation and Metastasis Research Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center
    (The University of Texas)
  • Visiting Professor, National Cancer Center Hospital of Japan
  • Seoul National University College of Medicine Doctor of Medicine /Specialist in Urology
  • World-acclaimed scientist in novel anti-cancer drug development(19 years at MD Anderson Cancer Center)
  • Participated in development of 12 new anti-cancer drugs including Gleevec and Avastin
  • Top scientist in drug repositioning and Ren-entry (Mecitentan and INVOSSA)