R&D Experience

Novel Drug TPP (Target Product Profile and Analysis) and Clinical Translational Research

제약사, drug, 내용으로 구성 된 핵심 개발이력 표
Pharmaceutical company Drug Content
STI571(Gleevec) World’s First targeted Therapy/ BCR-ABL inhibitors
PKI166 Pre-Clinical Research on EGFR and HER2 Targeted Therapy
Irresa Pre-Clinical Research on EGFR and HER2 Targeted Therapy
AEE788 Development of EGFR/VEGFR dual inhibitors
Bosentan & Macitentan Repositioning of cardiovascular drug to brain cancer and metastatic brain tumor treatment drug
Greenstatin Advisory for Green Cross’s Development of new cardiovascular inhibitor
MSLN-CAR-T Joint research on MSLN-CAR-T cellular treatment drug with Green Cross
Avastin Pre-Clinical Research of VEGF Targeted Therapy
DPP-4 inhibtor Global Phase 3 and Phase 4 clinical TRIALS tests for diabetes drugs
INVOSSA Korea Local BLA approval and US clinical phase 1 and 2 clinical trials for osteoarthritis treatment drug
NAD+ modulator Korea Local Clinical trial for mitochondria anomaly disease treatment drug and License out to NeuroVive
Utoma Korea Local Clinical Trials and Approval for atopic dermatitis treatment drug
YPL001 Conducted phase 1 and 2 clinical trials for chronic obstructive lung disease natural drugs
Sonazoid Clinical Trials and US FDA NDA approval제q for liver cancer ultrasonic diagnosis drugs
Sonazoid Vizamyl Clinical Trials and US FDA approval for Alzheimer’s PET diagnostic drug (Flutemetamol)
etc Involved in development of multiple anti-cancer drugs such as CXCR7 (3 molecules) targeted therapy and managed entire clinical translational trials