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With world-class pre-clinical capabilities, Platbio radically increases success rate of novel drug development by securing capabilities at all stages of drug development, such as optimal use and adaptation, Drug Repositioning, Re-entry orthotopic animal model, clinical research, clinical strategy establishment, and clinical management.

Novel Drug Development

Novel Drug Development platform
Ability to expand the pipelines
in a scalable manner
  • One or more PLATBIO’s
    own pipelines annually
  • Two or more joint
    pipelines annually

Platbio uses PRINT® (PLATFORM for Revolutionary Identification & Isolation of Novel Targets) and BioInformatics to discover novel targets, and conducts PLATBIO’s Drug Development &Joint Development with Partner Companies with world-class orthotopic animal models and Clinical Translational Research capabilities.

PLATBIO's Novel drug development process across pre-clinical trial stage and clinical trial stage can radically reduce the probability of failure and leads to successful novel drug development.

PLATBIO secures 56 novel targets from pancreatic cancer and 15 novel targets from ovarian cancer and continuously expands the target list from other indications, affording the ability to expand the pipelines in a scalable manner

Platbio provides drug repositioning services by partnering with other bio-companies to find out the efficacy of the drugs in other indications through the same drug target or new drug targets when the partner's drug cannot meet the efficacy level commercially required.

Drug repositioning and re-entry business

Drug repositioning, often referred as drug repurposing, is the method to develop the new indications of the drugs which have shown the safety from the clinical trials, but failed to get approval due to lack of sufficient efficacy. This repositioning has produced higher success rates due to the low risks of drug safety or pharmacokinetics.

Platbio's world class researchers, who have experience in drug repositioning and re-entering such as Macitentan and INVOSSA, have the know-how to increase the probability of preclinical data reproduction through orthotopic animal models and clinical translational research

Drug repositioning case: Macitentan, a dual endothelin receptor antagonist, in combination with temozolomide leads to glioblastoma regressiong and long-term survival in mice

Clinical Re-entry Cases: Kolon TissueGene Invossa
Publication Date :
Author :
Sun-Jin Kim1,6, Ho Jeong Lee1,6,
Mark Seungwook Kim1,6, Hyun Jin Choi1,
Junqin He1,
Qiuyu Wu1, Kenneth Aldape2,
Jeffrey S. Weinberg4, W. K. Alfred Yung5,
Charles A. Conrad5, Robert R.
Langley1, François Lehembre3, Urs Regenass3,
and Isaiah J. Fidler1

Case of Drug re-entry : KOLON TISSUEGENE INVOSSA

인보사 기사회생 시킨 美 임상 재개
'숨은 공로자'...
김선진 플랫바이오 회장

세계 1위 암 병원 MD앤더슨 19년 임상 이행 전문가
FDA 승인 받은 항암신약 12종 직접 임상설계 참여
"인보사는 실패 아닌 실수… 韓 임상 인프라 구축하겠다"
자체 3~4개 항암제 후보물질 확보… 오픈이노베이션 중시

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World’s Top class R&D Capability in Clinical Translational Research Participated in hundreds of clinical translational research projects at MD Anderson for 19 years

  • Significantly improvement in
    novel drug development cost and speed
    Establish efficient clinical trial strategies by testing and verifying various regimens and indications of the drug in the preclinicalpre-clinical stage
  • Increased success rate of
    candidate drugs
    If the candidate drug does not meet the
    expected efficacy, reverse translational research,
    including alternative regimen development or
    additional indication findings, is performed.
  • High Value Global License
    Out Deal
    High quality pre-clinical data from extensive scientific verification process leads to higher success rates in
    clinical trials, increases the value of drug candidates,
    and enables high value license- out deals

Clinical translational research,

Two-directional study for developing enhanced treatment methods by applying the research result or newly discovered knowledge
from basic science into actual clinical research

Dr. Kim Participated in development of 12 novel anticancer drugs at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Platbio 's provides clinical translational research services for novel drug development.


  1. 01 Increased clinical trial
    success rate
  2. 02 Increased protocol
  3. 03 Indication expansion
  4. 04 Optimization of new drug candidates
  5. 05 License Out Deal
  6. 06 Clinical Trial Cost Reduction