• Hybrid Molecule of Human Ig CDR3 and Alloferon
  • Interaction of NKG2D receptor

Anti-cancer Effect of Combination Therapy

  • Validation of combination tTherapy in orthotopic pancreatic cancer model
  • Validation of chemotherapy & aAllostatine combination anti-cancer effect of targeted therapy
Orthotopic pancreatic cancer Model

Anti-cancer Effect of Targeted Therapy

  • Validation of chemotherapy & allostatine combination in liver mets colon cancer
  • Validation of chemotherapy & allostatine combination in orthotopic cancer
Colon cancer liver metastasis model
Ovarian cancer Orthotopic Animal Model

Patent Application

  • Patent Application US Patent Application Priority of pancreatic cancer combination therapy
  • Extension of indication in ovarian cancer, colon cancer and any solid Tumor