Galectin-9 (GB920)

  • One of the Glycoproteins : Multiple function in tumors
  • Activation of Apoptosis & Inhibition of Migration & Metastasis
  • On going study of K-RAS mutant type solid tumor & Mets cancer

Galectin-9 : Interrupt tumor growth, sigration & metastasis

  • Galectin-9 은 다양한 암의 생장과 전이를 억제하는 것으로 알려져 있음
  • Anti-cancer Effect in KRAS mutant type animal model
흑색종/대장암전이 억제
KARS 변이 대장암억제 효과

sGal-9의 KRAS 변이 췌장암 항암 효과

  • In this study, Interrupted growth & prolonged survival rate
GBIO시험 결과

In vitro 항암 효과

  • Cell growth interruption activation and cell death effects found in various solid cancer cell strings
암세포성장 저해 효과
DLD-1 대장암 세포Apoptosis