Novel drug development platform

Multiple Business Models to Increase the success rate of novel drug development and diversify the risks

PLATBIO’s Drug Development
  • Combine drug candidates of partner company with PLATBIO’s proprietary novel target to develop high probability drug candidates
  • Found 50+ novel targets from two indications (Pancreatic cancer and Ovarian cancer) using the PRIINT Platform, which possesses the highest number of anti-cancer targets among Korean companies
Joint Development with Partner Companies
  • Provide the research and development capabilities of PLATBIO with shared responsibilities and ownership of the drug candidates to increase the success rate
  • Repositioning of the partner drug with PLATBIO’s translational research capabilities
Pre-clinical/Clinical Translational Research/Clinical Test Consulting
  • Services for domestic and foreign sponsors
  • Target customer preclinical/clinical success
  • Cases of transitioning a customer to a partner for joint development
  • Orthotopic transplant model/Clinical translational research
  • Regimen development/Indication expansion
  • Reentry Reposition Consulting
  • Reverse Translation
Multiple pipeline Models to Increase
  • One or more PLATBIO’s own pipelines annually
  • Two or more joint
    pipelines annually
  • Stable revenue
  • Cases of transitioning a
    customer to a partner for joint development

Proven Research and Development Capability 50+ Anti-Cancer Novel Targets

Drug development
Joint development

Clinical Trials for Phase I, Phase II or Phase III + License Out (NRDO or Big Pharmas)